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Table of Contents


It’s all in the Name. 4

Problems in the Literature about Lithophysae. 6

Problems in the Literature—The Derailment from Ross and Smith. 7

Hunting Geodes and Amygdules Geologically. 8

Lava Systems with Geodes. 11

The Geodes in Lava Voids. 14

The Colburn Model of Cristobalite Crystallization. 19

Metamorphic Systems and Geodes. 21

Supercritical Systems—That Missing Geologic State of Water. 24

Wall-lining Mineralization Shows Conditions of Geode Inception. 26

Inclusions Show Geode Genesis. 29

Exsolution as a Source of Geode Silica. 31

Carbonate as a Catalyst to Form Agate. 32

The Formation of Silica Gels, and Weathering. 33

Water for Agate Formation. 33

Epilogue. 34

Summary--How to Hunt for Volcanic and Sedimentary Geodes. 35



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