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Chapter 1.  06/02--Owl Hole Mountains, near the southeast end of Death Valley, California. 4

Chapter 2.  07/02--The emergence of a Nomad, From Oregon and Back.  Summer, 1962 to April 1965. 13

Chapter 3.  08/02--4 From Lone Hill to Hell & Gone. 21

Chapter 4.  09/02--Hart Mountain, A Journey Within. 28

Chapter 5.  10/02--OCTOBER 2002: Discovery of Self and a New Thunderegg Deposit. 38

Chapter 6.  11/02--June, 1965-The Digging Really Begins!  The Buchanan Thunderegg Beds, Buchanan Station, Oregon. 44

Chapter 7.  12/02--June 1965.  From Buchanan to Succor Creek: My first virgin deposit discovery. 51

Chapter 8.  01/03--The Treasures of McDermitt, Part 1. 60

Chapter 9.  The Treasures of McDermitt, Part 2.  A NEWS BULLETIN. 74

Chapter 10.  02/03-03/03--February-March, 2003-The Treasures of McDermitt, Part 3. 77

Chapter 11.  04/03--THE THUNDEREGG WARS: The Ochocos, Claim Jumpers, and a Change of Name, Part 1. 88

Chapter 12.  05/03-THE THUNDEREGG WARS: The Ochocos, Crook County, Crooks and Kops: Part 2, and tips on polishing rocks. 94

Chapter 13.  08/03--The Ochocos: Invitation to the Lost Opal mine, claim jumpers, then on to Donnybrook, Late July, 1965. 104

Chapter 14.  09/03--Buchanan and Skull Springs, (or is it Dry Creek) giant thundereggs. 115

Chapter 15.  10/03—Thunderegg Photos. 125

Chapter 16.  11/03--From Oregon to Coon Hollow: The Nomad’s Winter, The Birth of that Damn “Geode Kid”. 129

Chapter 17.  04/04--The Mystery of the Coon Hollow Fire Agate Mine. 142

Chapter 18.  05/04--Quartzsite, Arizona.  The First Show: An old enemy becomes a friend, China Lake does too. 158

Chapter 19.  06/04--From Potato Patch to Vegas Wash, Las Vegas, and Jimmy the Retard. 167

Chapter 20.  07/04--Opening the World to Jimmy and I: From Rhyolite Ghost Town, Death Valley to Aurora Ghost town. 178

Chapter 21.  08/04-09/04--Onward to Oregon.  Blue Ridge mine to Blue Mountain mine and blue me! The saga of Kops. 190

Chapter 22.  10/04-12/04--A Mis-understood Boy--The Loss of Jimmy. 198

Kasper Jasper Press Titles. 208



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