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Chapter 1.06/06The Voyage Begins.From Forests through Savannahs to Deserts and the Discovery of the Secret Ridge Mine. 4

Chapter 2.07/06The Egg Man then The Vacation Southward. 23

Chapter 3.08/06The Fog, The Bridges, and Old Friends in Oakland.The Trains are Gone and On South for the Winter. 37

Chapter 4.09/06Goodbye Forests, through Savannah and Hello Joshua Trees and Streets With No Name-FORWARD!52

Chapter 5.10/06-11/06November, 1967 From Opal Hill Mine to Quartzsite show and a Hippy finds a Thunderegg Deposit, 1968. 63

Chapter 6.12/06Old Yellerís Rods Knock at our Wallet, Don goes to LA, Larry Scores & we Start Painting my new Truck. 75

Chapter 7.01/07Donís sad story of LA, then Upsets Palm Desert Art Show with Two 2nd Place Awards as a Stranger!91

Chapter 8.02/07-03/07April 1968: The Way Back North via Mono Craters on U.S. Hwy.395. 109

Chapter 9.04/07Late April: Our Journey back to Oregon for the Summer, Skunk Agate, and Another Show in Prineville. 122

Chapter 10.05/07Leaving Prineville, one more Round to my Drive-in Rock Shops, then to the Garnets in 281 Gulch, Idaho. 142

Chapter 11.06/07Secret Ridge Mining then South again through Mt.Lassen.then Berkeley, a World in Turmoil. 161

Poems. 182

Kasper Jasper Press Titles. 183



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