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Chapter 1.  07/07-08/07  Back to Opal Hill Mine, Larry & I take you on a Googlebug ride through Quartzsite. 4

Chapter 2.  09/07-10/07  P.T. Barnum, Larry, and Me at the QIA Show.. 23

Chapter 3.  11/07-12/07  Larry’s rap, Carnelian hydraulic mining & Operation Fearweather at Oregon State University  37

Chapter 4.  01/08  Hydraulic mining at Moore’s Farm and Fearweather at a Girlfriend’s House, Then Back to OSU.. 63

Chapter 5.  02/08  Back and Forth From OSU and Moore’s, Then Back to Prineville at Summer Mom & Pops. 72

Chapter 6.  03/08-05/08  Back to my Summer Home Headquarters, the Loner in Prineville and Two New Egg Finds. 83

Chapter 7.  06/08-07/08  Prineville, Oregon July 4th All Rockhounds Roundup.  Then, a Voyage Inward for Tommy. 105

Chapter 8.  08/08-12/08  Time to have a Rock and Roll Jam on Steens Mountain. 125

Chapter 9.  07/10  Digging Nevada Thundernuts, back to the Secret Ridge Mine, then over to OSU to get Resupplied   141

Chapter 10.  10/10  Tobacco Road--How I quit Cigarettes; a Health Tragedy. 151

Chapter 11.  01/11  Mining in the Great Deschutes Canyon with a History of Frieda and Dant. 157

Chapter 12.  02/11.  A History of the Baker Egg Mine. 167

Chapter 13.  03/11-04/11.  The Black Agate Free Claim Shootout and the Death of Philanthropy. 172

Chapter 14.  05/11.  A World Within, Another Out of the Cold, Wind and Rain: Portland, Oregon in Winter. 177

Kasper Jasper Press Titles. 192



 “The resource of knowledge is infinite, but the forests are not.”

Robert Paul Colburn


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