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Book’s Key Features


The purpose of the book is to match up a comprehensive model view of geode and thunderegg formation to a classification and study of their structures and inclusions as shown in a substantial photo archive.


·         A review of the models of thunderegg formation and their comparison.

·         Key photos from thunderegg sites of the world.

·         A comprehensive survey of thunderegg sites of the Western United States, Germany, and France.

·         A survey of thunderegg sites from around the world including Canada, Japan, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, and Poland.

·         A classification of the structures and inclusions of thundereggs, sorted by chapter.

·         A detailed comparison of models of formation to specimen structures collected.

·         Annotated photos showing structures and geologic deformation captured in specimens.


“An extraordinary piece of research work and classification that sets the standard for the study of lithophysae (geodes).  A key reference standard.”,

Robert Paul Colburn (the “Geode Kid”), Deming, N.M.



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