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A student’s Guide to the Genesis of the Lithophysae—

Geodes and Amygdules

By: Donald Kasper

This short summary work is a high-level review of the following that the author has found in studying and writing his major works on the geodes and amygdules:

·        The formation of lithophysae in supercritical water conditions and what this means to their geochemistry of formation.

·        12 major rules of lithophysae genesis.

·        What went wrong with the European modeling of lithophysae formation.

·        The first look at the inner lining mineralization of the lithophysae and how it tells us about their formation.

·        A first look at the mineral inclusions and depositional succession in the lithophysae —especially the clays.

·        A precise definition of the grades of metamorphism based on water chemistry related to silica and silicate minerals is shown.

·        A comparison of the lava types and the lithophysae found in them.


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