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True Adventures of the Geode Kid, Part I

Robert Paul Colburn


The mining stories of the Geode Kid, with maps to his dig sites.

Advice on how to cut and polish geodes.

Stories of the Kid mining in Oregon, Nevada, and Southern California in Barstow and Wiley’s Well.

The Kid experiments with some of the Berkeley professors’ mushrooms.  The trees smell like strawberries.

The Kid get put in the pokey for peddling rocks in Las Vegas, but hatches a plan to get out.

The Kid sneaks a bulldozer into Wiley’s Well, with a case of dynamite and starts blowing things up.

The Kid gets lassoed by a man on horseback for sneaking onto a ranch in Oregon.  Into the slammer he goes again.  The jail walls are full of big holes but no one wants to escape because the jail has booze!

It’s a time of excitement.  Sputnik has been launched.  Working at a gas station, the Kid concocts a plan to make his own rocket and launch it at a competitor gas station across the street.  But will it work?

It’s Oregon.  Everyone is digging thundereggs and jumping each other’s claims.  What’s a Kid to do?  Join in.

That rat Kops jumps the Kid’s morrisonite find and puts a claim on it!  Welcome to Oregon, Kid.

The Kid tries the import business but runs afoul of the law in Mexico.  Run for the border!




 “Secrecy is futile.  The truth will be assimilated!”


Robert Paul Colburn


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