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True Adventures of the Geode Kid, Part II

Robert Paul Colburn


The Kid discovers biconoids at the Valley View Mine.  Shhhdon’t tell Kops.

The Kid has got some extra dynamite.  Time to visit Opal Mountain and blow more stuff up.

Haight Ashbury in the 60’s, ‘an he was there, ‘an he remembers it!  Whoa!

Paul’s into mushrooms again, and it’s not because he went organic, This is Berkeley in the 60’s after all.

The chemical company is just up the street.  The college is nearby to meet chemistry students.  There is a crawl space under the house.  What a great place to make rockets and miscellaneous explosives so necessary for a proper Berkeley upbringing…

Colburn goes to Idaho and hunts 5-star garnets.  And snake agates in Oregon.  Hey, a Kid’s ‘gotta make money.

Colburn hunts the famous Paul Bunyan tube agate site.

Oxygen and gasoline.  Oh my, time to build a really big rocket.        

Ten years old, and the Kid tries to make an atomic bomb.  Dang.  No fusion, just a huge bang blowing uranium hexafluoride all over the Berkeley neighborhood.  Who said the Cold War didn’t have an effect on kids?  Science.  It’s sometimes a matter of trial and error.

Coburn enlists a partner.  They conspire to raid the closed New Almaden mine of the mercury in its retorts to sell.  Mercury is going for $180 a flask.  Time to get busy.  Get the gas mask Kid.  Then with another pal, they raid a gold mine.  So nice of them to leave all that ore around for the kiddies.

The FBI comes a knockin’.  They want answers.



 “There are no gluttons before the tree of knowledge,

for the ever-growing need of life,

may feast there forever.”


Robert Paul Colburn


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