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True Adventures of the Geode Kid, Part III

Robert Paul Colburn


The Kid discovers the Secret Ridge Mine, Oregon.  The eggs are a flowin’.  Claim jumpers are all about, hide the truck and tailings in the ravine Kid.  He doesn’t call it the Klandestinny Mining Co. for nothin’.

Digging the Eagles Nest for petrified wood produces a haul.  Oh no, he NEVER went over the 250 lb BLM limit.  His rusted up scale never showed he was over, but it never worked either.

The Fire Opal Mine at Wiley’s Well just keeps putting out nice opals.  Get more dynamite in good ‘ol Airyzony and sneak it in, Kid.

The Kid goes to the dump and picks up trash including toilet seats.  Time to make a memorable booth display at the Quartzsite show.  Atta’ way to impress them, Kid.

Near McDermitt the hunt is on for Skunk agate.  Who cares about the blizzard.

The waterfall might be diverted to get at the garnet lode.  An abandoned lumber mill has tons of free lumber (minus the “free” sign).  The Kid helps himself.  Time to make a diversion and go for the big 6-ray garnets, but will the trench hold?  Oh no!

The Kid is all over the Calyforny Hauser beds with a dozer.  Why they aren’t called the Kid beds remains a mystery.

“Anyone who thinks the 1950’s were squeaky clean “Leave it to Beaver” times have been misinformed.  The moms and dads did not have a clue of what went on outside of their front doors.  The only difference today is the greater level of violence, thanks to TV shows and advertisers.  My parent knew nothing about my secret lab!”


Robert Colburn


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