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True Adventures of the Geode Kid, Part IV

Robert Paul Colburn


The Kid heads for Oregon State University to kibbutz with pharmacologists that study there, especially those into growing herbs.

Time to go up to the highest peak in Oregon, Steens Mountain, and do what hippies do, break out the guitars, and drums with some Brothers, and jam…and wait for echoes off the mountain walls.  Whoa!  Will it work?

While at the Big-U, the Kid develops a recording involving the evacuation of NW Oregon.  I mean, why think small?

Over at Moore’s farm, the Geode Kid develops a plan to hydraulically mine carnelian.

There has been a big accident on I-10 near Quartzsite, Arizona.  Friends report that booze from a liquor truck has spilled all over the highway.  The whole town evacuates to the crash site to help themselves!  So does the police!

The Kid digs U.S. 93, milepost 3, Rabbit Springs, and hits thundereggs, then digs torpedoes at Contact, NV.


Wingdings Bomb.jpg


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